Flexible solutions, measurable results. 


Our educational Consultants at Insight Ed work with families, schools and the community to provide knowledge,  support, and appropriately matched resources. We specialize in helping preschool through high school-aged children, who have a wide variety of disabilities, as well as those without a diagnosis.


Services for Families

Working with our consultants can give you a sense of relief as you learn the processes of the school system, understand the paperwork and become an active member of educational plans.  All of this while being supported at whichever level you are comfortable with; this could be the consultant attending meetings with you, previewing meeting plans, and much more.  Keeping the whole child in mind, plans are developed together to create a more harmonious home and school environment.  

As you work with your consultant, you become empowered to support your child's ability to learn, develop and succeed, building their overall self-concept.  These skills attained, give you the knowledge that can be utilized for the rest of your child's educational career.   

Together we can:

  • Obtain appropriate testing

  • Interpret testing – and determine how this information impacts your child’s everyday life – in school, home and in the community

  • Attend school meetings with you (Teacher meetings, IEP, 504, MTSS, etc.)

  • Use what you know about your child and any testing to help prepare you to be an active member of your child’s educational team (IEP, 504, ALP, RTI, MTSS)

  • Create recommendations for school, as well as ideas for home and community (services, accommodations, goals, health, daily living)

  • Review or Preview current Educational plans (IEP, 504, etc.) to ensure understanding and collaborate on areas of improvement

  • Create a plan to help your child advocate for him/herself

  • Collaboratively address needs and create plans that will lead to more harmony in your day to day life

  • Create a system for working with the school to ensure progress is being made

  • Choose community resources that best meet your child’s needs

All services, meetings, and consultations are strictly confidential.  Check out our events page for informal learnings as well as workshops.


Services for Schools

Teaching is one of the few careers where you are constantly given more work and greater challenges, while the bar is continually raised to a higher level of perfection.  And yet, teachers do this with open hearts, because they know they are making a difference in the lives of children each day. And so, teachers accept the continuous challenges with a smile.  In order to support you in your mission of helping all children, we offer content-rich workshops that have an understandable, lighthearted approach on topics such as; “What should do?” the IEP for general education teachers, Accommodations for all- that can actually be done, Creating and monitoring living goals, and more. To further serve schools, like yours, we also; create educational documents, conduct third-party observations, and provide one to one consulting. 

Through our integrated approach of empowering children with disabilities, we work with teachers, schools, and districts to collaboratively establish realistic best practices, ensuring personal success for all students. 

Have a topic of interest?  Let us know!


Services for Community organizations

As community organizations helping children, we are often limited by time and resources.  Because it is our aspiration to be of service to individuals in need, it can be frustrating when we are unable to help everyone, in every way they require.  It is, after all, in our nature to be a comfort and have answers to confused, overwhelmed and often disheartened individuals.

In working together, we can ensure our families receive the amount of support they need.  In addition, we can learn from and complement each other’s work to strengthen our community. By becoming acquainted with each other, we can ensure proper reciprocal referrals and streamlined services for the families we work with. 

Our Educational consultants provide content-rich workshops that have an understandable, lighthearted approach.  We offer these for your employees as well as the families you work with on topics such as; The Insider’s Guide to Understanding an IEP, Accommodations-school and home, Creating and monitoring living goals, and more. We also; create educational documents, conduct third-party observations, provide one on one consulting for teachers, as well as write summaries and explain assessments including educational and home impact.

We look forward to building a cooperative working relationship, mutually guiding families to the appropriate supports, as we manifest our like mission of improving the lives of children.