Let our Insight be yours

All children can have a learning journey filled with joy, a sense of success, and a healthy self-concept. Utilizing our experience and expertise, we teach and support families, educators, and community members in creating a positive educational journey for all children.


When a child is struggling in school, it can be difficult not only for the child but for parents and teachers as well.  Working in a system with endless qualifying factors, tough choices and ever-changing rules can leave most feeling unsure, frustrated and alone.  

An Educational Consultant is an experienced guide, with extensive knowledge of school systems, the special education world, and best intervention practices for school, home and the community.  They use this insight to teach and support you in designing the most beneficial education for struggling children.   

With our integrated approach, we work with families, teachers, and community organizations to collaboratively establish effective plans, promoting personal success for all children.  Parents can learn the system, as their Educational Consultant participates and promotes their child's plan for success.  Teachers and community organizations can deepen their understanding of the special education system through individual advising, contracting, partnership and more. To further our community’s understanding of unique learning needs, we offer workshops for parents, teachers, and community organizations.