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The world of “special education” is filled with; legal terminology, acronyms, mounds of verbiage, rules, and regulations.  It is no wonder people shut down with glazed over eyes while sitting in meetings. Sadly, the whole point can be missed, the most important point is- the child.  As a parent, guardian, community member, or teacher, don’t you just sometimes want someone to tell you how all of this pertains to you? More importantly, how it pertains to you helping your child or student who has a disability or is struggling?

Insight Ed offers content rich workshops with an understandable, lighthearted approach. They are designed for parents, schools and other organizations in our community to teach important information in a practical format.  

Workshop topics include:

For Parents:

  • Accommodations

  • Goals, progress monitoring, and determining Progress

  • The IEP for Parents

  • Family Time Management

For Teachers and Community organizations:

  • Preparing for the IEP meeting for general education teachers

  • Accommodations

  • Progress monitoring

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February 17-20, 2020