Starting a new school year

Tips for starting the school year smoothly

            Starting a school year, with new teachers and new students, can be very stressful for your child, and you. Let’s make a plan to start this school year smoothly and with a positive beginning.

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Self-Care for the Caregiver

Are you are taking care of a child with a disability, or a child struggling in school? Are you taking care of yourself? I know as a single parent of two young children, I pour all that I have into being a good mom. However, I also understand that a part of being able to be a present mother, is taking care of myself. Please enjoy the following blog and activities so that you can discover, and create a plan of self-care.

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Homework Struggles?

Here are some ideas to make the daily chore of homework more manageable. From the setting, breaking things down, organization to other easy to use tips. Homework doesn’t have to be a trigger for stress, anxiety, arguments or tantrums.

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Michelle Angle
Determining Progress

Determining if your child is making progress can be an understandable process once you are aware of some background information.  This blog is for parents who’s children are receiving an intervention.  Interventions can take place for any child, for many reasons.

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