Our experience gives you insight.


Insight Ed is a unique service focused on helping children who are struggling in school, or at home, by educating and supporting the adults around them. Our consultants use their experience and expertise to make this learning journey understandable and practical for all. 

At Insight ed, our Consultants have vast knowledge of what children need inside the classroom, and how supports outside of the classroom can best be utilized.  In using our unique insider experience,  we know what works in putting children on the trajectory of reaching amazing goals and attaining a sense of success.   

We have a strong belief that learning is power.  We support and educate parents, teachers and community organizations through workshops, individual work and much more.  To further a child’s success, we cultivate effective communication and authentic relationships between the child, family, school and community organizations. 


Our founder, Michelle Angle, had a long career as a Special Education teacher, therefore, has an insider’s perspective.  She holds a Master of Arts degree in Education, focusing her thesis on best practices for children with disabilities.  She has degrees in Special Education, Elementary Education, as well as Curriculum and Design- and has experience in all of these areas.  

The years of teaching children, Preschool through High school, since 1994, has given her deep insight of the workings within our education system, as well as best strategies for children with unique needs. She has witnessed the frustration and confusion of parents and educators who have prepared and taken part in their child’s educational planning meetings (IEP, 504, RTI, MTSS, etc.) and is on a mission to make these experiences understandable and productive for all.  Having absolutely loved being a Special Education Teacher, she left the profession and created Insight Ed to help children in a more holistic way.